If the goods develop a fault, you have a right to return them to us so that we can send them off to be repaired under warranty on your behalf.

However, you should note that this will result in a significant delay in the goods being returned to you. If you return the goods to us, you should consider:

- the time for the goods to reach us,
- the time for us to process the return,
- the time to send the goods to the manufacturer,
- the time the manufacturer needs to process the return,
- the time for us to receive back the goods from the manufacturer, and
- the time to return the goods to you.

So we recommend in most cases that you send the goods that are covered under a manufacturer's warranty directly to the manufacturer for repair. This will save at least 15 days in the return process.

In any case, before doing anything else, please contact us via email (the email should contain the information mentioned below) to initiate the process in an efficient manner.

Jilong Products

All products manufactured by Jilong are covered with a two (2) year warranty.

For all warranty requests, please send us an email containing the following:

- detailed picture of the problem (in case of evident holes, scratches, etc...)
- overall picture of the product
- copy of the invoice
- detailed description of what happened
- address and contact details

We will send this information to the Jilong support center, who will handle the request directly.

It is very important that you do not open the box with sharp objects and that you read the instruction manual carefully, in order to avoid issues.

Other Manufacturers

For warranty information regarding products that were not manufactured by Jilong please consult their applicable product page or contact us directly.